• Mihai Eminescu Trust

Mihai Eminescu Trust


The Mihai Eminescu Trust (The MET) was founded in 1987 in London. In the beginning, the MET developed slowly, due to the inauspicious political context of the times.

The name of the Foundation (referencing Romania’s preeminent poet of the 20th century) relates to the initial purpose of the organisation: opening up Romanian intellectuals (philosophers, writers, artists) to Western European universities (especially Oxford and Cambridge) and to the influential personalities of the western world.

One of the first major interventions of the Mihai Eminescu Trust was a reaction to Ceausescu’s systemising plan endangering thousands of historically important Romanian villages. In this context, the Foundation was supported by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. Prince Charles gave a speech to the Civic Society’s Build A Better Britain Exhibition in London on 27th April 1989, in which he highlighted the importance of maintaining traditional villages in Romania.

After 1990, the foundation has dedicated itself to the protection of the historical Transylvanian heritage. In 2000, the Romanian branch of the MET was founded under the patronage of HRH the Prince of Wales, managing all the heritage preservation and village revival projects. HRH was Patron of MET for thirteen years from 2000 to 2013.


More than any other type of organisation, a foundation is defined by involvement and strong social principles. We at the MET believe in the local communities’ potential and support them with constant revival efforts.

In more than 14 years of activity, we’ve created strong principles based on our every day work.

Trust – all the projects we’ve been involved in have shown that we are a trusted partner, both for the authorities and the local community. 

Involvement – because we believe in the opportunity of community revival, we are not just involved, we’re an organic part of these growing communities.

Quality – heritage is defined by well built constructions that will stand the passing of time. This is why MET only develops projects around a very strong principle – quality.

Expertise, gained in years of experience – MET is a partner for other foundations and authorities, constantly sharing all the accumulated knowledge.

We value the past, but build for the future – MET believes that all the projects built by capitalising on the local heritage have to look to the future in order to remain viable.